Student Housing Services Guest Registration

Thank you for registering your guest. Please take a moment to review our guest policy as written in the on-line "Guide to Campus Living," which is accessible at

13. Guests and Visitation Policy

A guest is defined as a person other than the registered occupants of that particular residence hall room/apartment. Occupants are allowed to host guests in their rooms so long as they have the permission of their roommate(s). Violating a roommate’s right of entry or hindering a roommate’s ability to study and/or sleep within their room is considered a violation of guest privileges. Guests will be held responsible for following all Student Housing policies and any applicable Community or Roommate Agreements on file with a Student Housing Services staff member.

A. Host Responsibility: Hosts must be present whenever guests are visiting and are responsible and accountable for the behavior of their guests. Non-residents violating University and Student Housing Services regulations are also subject to disciplinary action. All conduct matters concerning a non-resident student of the University will be forwarded to the Judicial Affairs Office.

B. Overnight Guests: Residents are permitted to have guests in rooms overnight as long as the roommate has given permission. The maximum guest stay is 72 hours. Under all circumstances, the roommate who wishes to study will have priority over any guest. Resident hosts will be held accountable for any policy violations committed by guests. Student Housing reserves the right to require any guests who cause a community disruption to immediately leave campus.

C. Cohabitation: Cohabitation is not allowed in the residence halls and apartments. Cohabitation is defined as a person using a room or apartment as if that person were living in the room, but not actually being assigned as a resident of that room. Examples of this may include, but are not limited to, keeping clothing and other personal belongings in the room, sleeping overnight in the room on a regular basis and using the bathroom and shower facilities as if they were living in that room.