Aloha UHMCC families!

You are invited to attend a coffee hour on Wednesday June 18th from 8-10am. We value your honest input as to what we do well and ways we can improve. We are gathering information for an annual program review and would like to know what you think!

Please fill out the linked survey and return it anonymously or ask the office for a hard copy and bring it with you Wednesday June 18th. We are always also available in person, anytime.

If you are new to UHMCC, you can still fill out the survey (let us know whatever you
have noticed so far) and/or attend the meeting!

Thanks so much

Wayne and Lani

* 1. Please describe what you and your child like most about attending the
Children’s Center.

* 2. If you could change anything, what would you like to be different at the Children’s Center?

* 3. Do you receive adequate communication from the staff about your child?
Which methods work best and what could be done better?

* 4. Please help us evaluate the center environment. Are the indoor and outdoor environments acceptable? Please describe the strengths and needs for improvement.

* 5. If you have been at the center for the past year, please describe your satisfaction with the planned curriculum in your child’s room. Are you happy with what your child has learned? Any examples?

* 6. Please describe your experiences with the UHMCC administration (okay to name or not). Do you feel you have a good relationship and that your needs are being met?

* 7. Anything else you would like to add?