Our team of expert gardeners and educators is here to support your school. We work with multiple schools every year, and we are always excited to grow our network of School Partners, with a special focus on underserved communities across our city.

To better serve your needs, we ask you to please take a couple of minutes to answer the following set of key questions. 

At the end of this form, you will receive information regarding the next steps to become an Urban Harvest Education's Partner.

We look forward to creating thriving communities around healthy food and education with you!

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* 1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself and the educational institution you represent:

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* 2. Is your Educational Institution listed as Title 1 by the US Department of Education?

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* 3. Does your educational institution promote the Double Up Program as a financial incentive for SNAP recipients?

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* 4. Does your educational institution have a Community Garden? (if the garden exists but is not active please select yes, if your school had a garden in the past, select yes)