Thanks for being interested in hosting a team of Innovation Academy Student Interns. Please answer the questions below so that we can add your business/organization to the list of options for our students.

After completing this form, we will contact you sometime in the Summer (likely in early July), after we have accepted the students. We will email introduce you to the team(s) of students who will be working with you during the Fall semester. At that time, you will have the opportunity to revise/refine the goals you have for the team.

* 1. What is the name of your venture (business/organization)?

* 2. Please share with us about your venture-- what's your mission, what products/services do you provide, who is your target audience, what is your the culture around your office, what values are central to your team? (feel free to paste from your website or other source).

* 3. Why do you believe your business or organization should be selected to receive a team of 2-5 Innovation Academy students to serve as interns? (Typically we have more Venture Partners interested in working with our students than we have teams of students serving as Interns and want to do our best to match students teams with our local Venture Partners).

* 4. How many teams (of 2-5 students each) might you be able to accommodate (up to 3)?

* 5. Are there any specific majors or skill sets that are critical to the functioning of your anticipated internship team? (please keep in mind that one of the features of the Innovation Academy is that students from majors as diverse as Animal Sciences, Advertising, Accounting, and Anthropology work together)

* 7. Please choose one (or more) of the following categories that best describes the special project on which your team will work.

* 8. Briefly explain the project(s) you'd like the Internship Team to address (in other words, what are the needs of your venture that the team will work on over the course of the 16 week semester? Will they be conducting market research on a new initiative/direction for your venture? will they be creating/revamping you social media marketing strategy? will they be helping to plan a major fundraiser? will they be revising your business plan? will they be assembling information with leads on grants you can apply for? will they be creating a marketing campaign? will they be helping you to apply for B-Corporation status? will they be helping your venture to analyze your social & environmental footprint and make efforts to be more environmentally sustainable, etc.)

The CLEARER you are in stating what you need from the team, the better they will be able to help you.
It would be to your advantage to perhaps consider your response as a bit of a pitch, making the case as to why students should want to work with your venture (why the project they will be doing for you is interesting, important, engaging, etc).

Please remember this is a team endeavor-- they should be working together as a team towards a common set of goals/deliverables. It's fine for students to take on different tasks that best fit their interests & skills, but they should not each have their own “project.”

* 9. Please provide a link to your website (if you have one).

* 10. Please provide the physical & mailing addresses of your organization

* 11. Please list the name, email address, and phone number of the primary contact person (whether its yourself and/or someone else) to be given to the students assigned to your team.

* 12. Optional: If there are two people at your venture who will be responsible for helping to coordinate the IA Intern team, please list the name, email address, and phone number of the second contact person here.