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* Q1 Should single house developments for local people be allowed in other villages (such
as Winton, Waitby, Kaber, Hartley, Outhgill, Brough Sowerby, Newbiggin, Great and Little
Musgrave, Sandford, and Bleatarn) provided they are acceptable in village character and
landscape terms?
Such development would be restricted to occupation by local people and have to
contribute to the affordable housing fund at 3% of its market value at occupation.

* Q2 Do you think your community would benefit by a policy like this?

* Q3 Or would it lead to unacceptable levels of development?

* Q4 If you live in one of these villages, would you support this policy?

Affordable Housing
UENP 1 - Rural Exceptions Housing for local people
Rural exceptions site affordable housing will be permitted to meet a need identified by
evidence, and where it has an acceptable impact on the landscape. Existing traditional
buildings in the countryside may be converted for affordable housing where ancillary
works such as access, outbuildings, curtilage boundaries also have an acceptable impact
on the landscape.
Affordable housing must be secured as such through a s106 agreement.

* Q5 Do you think that self build affordable housing would benefit your community?

* Q6 Do you think that traditional buildings in the countryside should be converted to such
housing where they can be?

UENP2 - Housing on Farms
Farms over 5ha may have up to two farmhouses that can be used for family members,
holiday letting or renting to local people. Applications for any such additional housing
must be accompanied by a s106 agreement that binds both houses and at least 5ha of
contiguous land as one title which cannot be divided without the agreement of the Local
Planning Authority.
New farmhouses should have an acceptable impact on the landscape.

* Q7 Do you agree that two houses per farm would be a good idea?

* Q8 Do you agree that in return for such flexibility, both houses must be controlled as
being part of a single title?

* Q9 Do you think this flexibility should be extended to rural businesses that have an
essential need for living on site?

UENP3 - Housing for the older people
Specialised housing within certain villages restricted to local people over 65 years of age
will not be subject to affordable housing contributions required by policy CS10.
Applications for such housing must be accompanied by a s106 agreement to secure its
occupations as being restricted to local people over 65 years of age.

* Q10 Do you agree that specialised housing for older local people in the area should be
encouraged in Upper Eden?

* Q11 Do you think that 65 is the right age to make this distinction?

* Q12 Do you agree that this policy should be restricted to Kirkby Stephen, Brough,
Ravenstonedale, Warcop and Winton, or should there be more or less?

* Q13 Do you think that removing the affordable housing contribution is the best way of
encouraging this form of housing?

UENP4 - Housing Densities
Housing development within the Upper Eden Area need not conform to the minimum
density figure of 30 dwellings per hectare as set out in CS8.

* Q14 Do you think that this density standard is suitable in Upper Eden?

* Q15 Do you think another density standard should be used, or should it be considered
on a case by case basis?

UECP5 - Fibre to the premises
New development should demonstrate how it will contribute to and be compatible with
local fibre or internet connectivity. This policy aims to see new development connect to
the internet with a minimum symmetrical speed of 20Mbps. Where no internet provider is
available, as a minimum, suitable ducting should provided to the public highway that can
accept fibre. Where possible and desirable, ducting should be provided that also
contributes to a community owned local access network.
Major infrastructure development must provide ducting that is available for community
owned local access or strategic fibre deployment. Such developers are encouraged to
have early discussions with local broadband groups.

* Q16 Do you agree that fibre deployment should be encouraged through planning policy?

UENP6 - Monitoring and Development Rates
All housing developed within the Upper Eden Area (except in Kirkby Stephen) should not
exceed a general development rate for each Parish of 10% of existing dwellings averaged
out over a ten year period.
However, in the light of potential pent-up demand there may be higher development rates
within the first few years of these policies coming into force. Parish Councils, or Meetings
will be best placed to offer advice to the Council on suitable rates of development within
each Parish.

* Q17 Do you agree that general development rates should be controlled?

* Q18 Do you think that an average of 1% per year is a suitable rate for your parish?

General Questions

* Q19 Do you agree that these policy themes are important?

* Q20 Are there other policy themes you would like to see addressed, either now or in the

* Q21 Do you have personal circumstances which require more flexibility in the local
planning system?

* Q22 Would you be willing to tell us about them for a case study?

* Q23 What do you think is a suitable period for this Neighbourhood Plan to be in force?

* Q24 Do you agree with the definition of 'local', or, if not, how would you like to change it?

* Q25 Do you agree that these matters are the most important ones for considering character in these circumstances, or if not what would you also wish to consider?

* Q26 Do you think this approach is sensible, and can you think of any other criteria to specifically mention in this neighbourhood plan?