Welcome to the U District Station Area Mobility Study Survey 2. We are eager to hear your thoughts on priorities for the U District Station area (see map below) and street design options.

The U District Station (light rail) will open at Brooklyn Ave NE and NE 43rd St in 2021. The station, as well as parts of Brooklyn Ave NE and NE 43rd St, are planned and designed as shown here. This community-driven Mobility Plan will address transportation improvements outside of the station. Its goal is to coordinate a variety of improvements so that people can safely and comfortably get to the station by walking, biking, transit, and driving. It aims to:
  • Represent a community vision for 2021 and longer term,
  • Maintain flexibility to respond to changing needs over time, and
  • Support the continued vitality of the U District.
This project involves complex transportation network and street design issues, hence, this survey includes detailed information and questions. We appreciate your time and concentration to delve deeply into the issues to give us meaningful feedback. The survey is 12 questions and may take approximately 25 minutes.

Your responses will remain anonymous. Please note, any comments may be directly quoted on the project website or other public venue.