Thank you in advance for completing our survey, it should only take about five minutes!

This housing and development survey seeks to find trends in preferences for housing and economic development, find out what students actually think of their housing quality in the University District, how aware students are of the greater Kingston community, and what outside stakeholders think of student residents. This data will be compiled in order to form the discussions for a University District Summit occurring in early 2018. This Summit will bring together city stakeholders to discuss the issues that are most important to each party—and focus on potential solutions in the short- and long-term.

This survey is meant to be completed by:

- students living in or close the University District
- landlords that lease to students
- residents that interact frequently with students (i.e. students live on your street)

 **Please note: Only one response per household is required. Your postal code is the minimum information we require to follow trends in the data.**

In the answers below, please do not use landlord's or housemate's names, as it will cause the survey response to be discarded.

* 1. Please provide your postal code (required).

* 2. Are you currently a student, landlord, or other resident of Kingston?