1. Landings


Thank you for taking time to answer this survey. Based on the feedback received on the original concepts, the project team and advisory committee reduced the range of options to one set of landings and two bridge options.

The revised site plan and drawings of the updated landings are below. Plese review these and let us know how you feel about them. If you want more information, please go to the project blog: http://udbridgestudy.blogspot.com


• Green space—the grand stairways and the associated large concrete spaces have been reduced to accommodate more green space.
• Plaza spaces that allow for seating areas, transit facilities, and opportunity for future art
• Additional landscaped areas to soften the edges and maximize permeable surfaces.
• Lighting and safety rails where needed.
• More than one access point.
• Pathway curves improved to accommodate cyclists.

The drawing below is of the NORTH LANDING: Riverpoint Campus. Additional features include the following:
• Improved design for the stairs and ramps replaces the proposed elevator.
• ADA accessible pathway reduces hardscape and accommodates additional green space.
• Configuration of pathways and stairway directs users to connections with Main Street and downtown, the Riverpoint Campus, future transit hub, new Sherman Avenue and points east.

The drawing below is on the SOUTH LANDING: Sprague Ave. /South University District. The features there include the following:
• A connection to the existing Sprague/Sherman intersection provides a more easily recognized connection to bridge.
• Connection to Sprague utilizes the only signalized intersection in the vicinity of the bridge.
• Improvements to existing Riverside add green space and encourage activity at the south landing.
• Improvements to Riverside upgrade the streetscape from a gravel roadway to a paved surface that is more user-friendly.

* 1. What do you think about the revised landings?