Executive Mentor Application

The QB3 & UCSF Rosenman Institute Executive Mentorship program helps California life science, medical device, diagnostic, and digital health entrepreneurs achieve success by providing them with guidance from seasoned industry executives. 

The UCSF Rosenman Institute Executive Mentor Application is for mentors who specialize in the healthcare technology field (medical devices, external monitoring/hardware diagnostics (not in vitro/in vivo), imaging, digital health/healthcare information technology, healthcare services, etc.)

If you specialize in drugs/therapeutics, in vitro/in vivo diagnostics, or reagents/instruments/lab capital equipment please refer to the QB3 Executive Mentor Application

How does it work?

QB3 & UCSF Rosenman Institute leadership identifies entrepreneurs that are a good fit for the program. The entrepreneurs are usually first-time founders/CEOs, running companies with compelling technology, but whom do not have significant management or business experience.  Executive Mentors are matched with entrepreneurs on a confidential basis based on experience in the area in which the company is focused. The executives provide mentorship for up to six months, an average of two hours per week, or more, by mutual agreement. The mentor is granted equity which vests monthly over those six months to a total of 0.25%. If the initial "get to know you" relationship is successful, the parties move to a non-confidential, more permanent relationship independent of QB3/Rosenman, ideally to a board or other formal advisory role.

We are seeking C-level executives with a proven-track record, including leading a company to an IPO or acquisition; product development through successful commercialization or from research through clinical proof-of-concept.

We will be in touch within two weeks after you submit your application.