The University of Cincinnati is joining the national Enough is Enough campaign to stem societal violence. If you choose to sign this letter electronically, you will be counted as one of the UC students willing to stand up against violence. If you sign this pledge, please stop by 745 Steger to pick up am ‘enough is enough’ bracelet to show your support.

Individual Pledge:

The University of Cincinnati is proud of its commitment to civility, freedom and justice as expressed by the Just Community initiative. In the spirit of creating a more Just Community, the University of Cincinnati lends it’s support to the fight against campus violence by joining the
national Enough is Enough campaign.

Enough is Enough is a critical collaboration designed to create a new paradigm for peace and safety on the nation's campuses -- elementary through postsecondary -- by addressing the societal violence that has contributed to unprecedented violence in some of the very places our students should feel most safe.

I Pledge to:
• Accept that peace begins with me.
• Do my part to keep our community safe.
• Keep my parents/family, friends, neighbors, professors, and
administrators informed of issues that may impact my safety and/
or those around me.
• Not bring any weapons to campus.
• Not be violent or disrespectful to others.
• Be a caring friend who will listen and offer to get help to those
who may be experiencing a troubling time.
• Always practice and exercise civility* when managing conflict.
*by extending to those we meet the same respect, cooperation and caring that we expect from others

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* 3. UC Email Address. This is used to verify your identity.