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* 1. Do you agree to participate in the UBI pilot study?

By agreeing, you confirm that uou have reviewed the descriptionof the UBI ( and agree to follow the procedures for administering the UBI:

Administer the UBI before any treatment or any continued treatment occurs to measure a baseline (T1) - this can be done in an interiview or self-administered by client, either way, data must be entered into the online UBI tool for each client;

Complete the Provider follow-up survey after T1 administration of the UBI, which asks for your feedback on the UBI tool; and

After 8 to 12 weeks of treatment or intervention, administer a follow-up UBI with client (T2).

The time required to administer the UBI will vary, but should take somewhere around 30 minutes on average per client. 

You agree to conduct the UBI with at least one client, but can choose to conduct it with more than one client.

To report results, you may enter the data yourself in the links provided. If you are not able to provide the data in the online form, please contact the Center of Excellence for Trauma-Informed Care to ensure the completed forms reach the research team. Write to or call (831) 515-7570.