Join the Force

Guardians are people ready to change the world - ready to fight for each other - ready to love for each other. 

The commitment involved in Guardianship will be developed, and should not be taken lightly. For now, we ask for your intention to: 

1. Recognise your rights in Time and Space.

2. Make an oath that you are part of One Human Race.

3. Acknowledge Yourself as your own Protector, and Protectors of Each Other. 

4. Willing pledge yourself to One and All Things.

5. Commit to being a Student of Knowledge in this time and across all time - that you will be Protector of that knowledge in this time and across all time. 

6. Acknowledge that we All have rights that deserve to be protected - physical rights, virtual rights, digital rights, spiritual rights, environmental rights - the rights of life - the right to Live! 

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* 1. Do you acknowledge your Guardianship of Time and Space - Protector of Yourself, Each Other, and the Environment that you Live/ Visit?

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* 2. Will you nominate as a Guardian of One and All - Knowledge Protector in this time and across all time?

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* 3. What is your name?

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* 4. What is your email address?