Please fill out this survey to help set our union’s priorities as we renegotiate our labor contract

Because our working conditions are our students' learning conditions, these negotiations give us an opportunity to push for quality, affordable, accessible education and a UC where all can thrive.

Background: The UC Student-Workers Union is committed to ending oppression and winning quality, accessible education through dynamic member participation and activism. Every three to four years, we come together as student-workers and collectively negotiate with UC administration for a new union contract that advances this vision. Our contract determines our working conditions as student-workers, which, in turn, determine the learning conditions of our students.

The first step in negotiating a contract is deciding together what needs to be changed. This bargaining survey is a means to gather input from members across the UC system. After collecting the results of this survey, our union will hold a series of department-, campus-, and state-level discussions to determine our collective bargaining demands.

Stand with your colleagues as we begin this process by filling out this survey. If you have already filled out a paper version of this survey, you do not need to complete this online version, unless you want to update your previous responses. And if you're not yet a member of our student-workers' union, please sign up today (instructions are here) to remain part of the process of honing our demands, while also strengthening our bargaining power as a union!

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