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University of Alberta
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Background & Purpose:

For the Public Good calls for the support of innovation and experimentation in curriculum development, teaching, and learning. This project will identify current teaching practices across campus, what changes instructors would like to make in their teaching, and what supports they say they need. Results will be disseminated to campus and will help staff at the Centre for Teaching and Learning develop relevant and responsive programming and resources.

Potential Participants:

At this time we are recruiting any professors or instructors (of any level) who are primary instructors or the instructor of record for an undergraduate or graduate credit course at the University. For the purpose of this initial survey, we are excluding non-credit courses, teaching assistants, and MOOCs.

Study Procedures:

The full survey will be available online via Survey Monkey and will be accessible to respondents on any computer or mobile device, on and off campus. We expect the survey to take approximately 15 minutes to complete, depending on the length of your written answers. Respondents can complete the survey between November 1st, 2017 and November 17th, 2017. The survey has now been extended to December 8th, 2017. Respondents will be able to provide survey answers anonymously.


Survey participants will benefit from this study in two ways:
  1. It will provide CTL with a better understanding of current teaching practices at the University of Alberta, thereby allowing CTL to develop teaching resources that are relevant to professors and instructors.
  2. It will provide the respondent with the opportunity to reflect on their personal teaching practices and think about their attitudes towards teaching practices at the University of Alberta.
As a similar survey is also being conducted at Dalhousie University and the University of British Columbia, the broader academic community as a whole will benefit from the results of this survey.
  1. Results of the survey, in aggregate, will provide various CTL-related teams across Canada with a better understanding of the current state of teaching practices at universities in order to ensure they continue to provide beneficial resources for professors and instructors.
  2. Results of the survey, individually and in aggregate, will provide university administration with a better understanding of the current environment of teaching at their specific institution. This will help administration better align their goals and objectives to ensure teaching stays or becomes a priority within their institution.

We do not foresee any risks associated with this study.


Responses to this survey are completely anonymous. No personal information (i.e., names, contact info, etc.) will be asked for. However, the survey contains several open-ended questions which require a written answer. If the respondent includes personal information in a written response, they do so voluntarily.

Survey responses will be kept on Survey Monkey servers, in a password-protected account. And a copy of the survey responses will be kept in a Google Drive folder only accessible to the researchers.

Consolidated survey results will be analyzed and reported to members of the University, including (but not limited to): CTL, university administration, faculty and/or department administration, and professors and instructors.

Aggregated survey results (U of A plus Dalhousie plus UBC) will be analyzed and reported to the same groups as noted above, but at all participating institutions. It is also possible that a report regarding these aggregated results may be disseminated at relevant conferences such as the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

In general, the survey responses will be kept for a minimum of 5 years. However, as this survey may become a regular event, data may be kept for longer than 5 years in order to use it for year-over-year comparisons.

Note: All information you provide us with follow the above noted confidentiality procedures. However, since Survey Monkey is a U.S.-based organization, under U.S. privacy laws the U.S. government has the right to access that information under certain circumstances.

Voluntary Participation:

This study is completely voluntary.

Freedom to Withdraw:

Potential participants will have the ability to exit the survey on the landing page when they are asked for consent. If potential participants do not wish to give consent, they can simply close the browser tab or window, or click that they do not consent.

Participants will also have the opportunity to withdraw from the survey at any point before they click the submit button. To withdraw from the study, they simply have to close the browser window or tab before clicking submit.

If a participant has already clicked the submit button, we will be unable to withdraw their answers from the study. This is because answers are anonymous and we will not be able to determine which answers are associated with which participants, and therefore will not be able to remove specific answers.

Additional Contacts:

If you have concerns about this study, you may contact the Research Ethics Office, at 780-492-2615. This office has no direct involvement with this project.

Consent Statement:

Consent for participating in this research study is provided when a potential participant clicks the I CONSENT  button on the first page of the survey website. Written consent will not be required or asked for.

By clicking the I CONSENT  button, you agree that you have been given the opportunity to ask any questions that you have, and that those questions have been answered to your satisfaction. You also acknowledge that:
  • you are aware of the contact information for study researchers should you wish to contact them in the future
  • you understand your responses cannot be removed from the study after you click the SUBMIT button at the end of the survey.
  • you understand that any personal information you provide in an open-ended answer is not considered confidential and may not be removed from those comments in any study reports.
  • you understand you can ask for a PDF version of this information letter via at any time, but that one is not proactively provided to you.
  • you agree to participate in the study.

* Do you consent to taking this survey, based on the explanation provided above?