This exciting opportunity is supported by Cycling New Zealand and delivered by Dirk Van Hove. You will be in Europe at this time, working with Dirk you will make your way to each event. There will be some cost covered by each athlete.
To be eligible to be considered for selection this form must be completed and submitted unless alternative arrangements have been agreed with the HP Director or HPAD Lead, as applicable.

Question Title

* 1. Rider Details

Question Title

* 2. Rider Details - Passport

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* 3. Rider Details - Passport

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* 4. I would like to be considered for the following tours.  We will confirm at a later date the events being ridden by a New Zealand team.

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* 5. Please let us know your early season plans at the time of these Nations Cup.

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* 6. I have been provided with access to a copy of the Cycling New Zealand Selection Regulations 2018-2020 either directly or via the Cycling New Zealand website.  I agree to comply with and be bound by the terms of that Regulation.

Selection Regulations

I acknowledge that any right of appeal and the process for such an appeal in relation to my non-selection must be exercised in accordance with the Cycling New Zealand Selection Regulations.

I acknowledge that it is a condition of my application for selection that I must complete, sign, and return by the due date to Cycling New Zealand, an Athlete Agreement.

I have met, or will by the Selection Date have met, the eligibility requirements specified in clause 4 (Eligibility) of the Cycling New Zealand Selection Regulations.

I will notify Cycling New Zealand of any changes to my contact details.  I accept that any failure by me to do so may be to my detriment as any announcement regarding selection of a Team will be notified to me personally or to at least one of the contact addresses provided.

I agree Cycling New Zealand may collect personal information about me for the purposes of consideration and selection.

I may obtain independent advice on the terms of this application form and its implications, and I have been given a reasonable opportunity to do so.

* If the rider is under the age of 18 years as at the date of completing this form, the form must also be completed by the parent(s)/guardian(s) of the rider in the space provided below.