OK - here we go!

We are now able to begin making assignments for our “graduates” of SAT training last weekend.

Please complete this survey to help us understand what your availability will be for deployment.

Your willingness to assist your fellow Texans by donating your time and efforts is remarkable. Thank you.

* 1. Name:

* 2. City where you reside?

* 3. Firm:

* 4. Email:

* 5. Office Phone:

* 6. Cell Phone:

* 7. How much lead time do you require between assignment and availability? In other words, if we’re going to plan on you being on location on Friday, how many days before Friday do you need to let the folks at your home or office know you’ll be gone?

* 8. How many days can you afford to be scheduled on any given trip? Do you have people or creatures dependent on you for care and/or feeding? Are you a single parent whose school-age children can’t or shouldn’t be left alone more than a day or two at a time, etc.?

* 9. Are there particular days of the week that work better for you to be away from home and/or out of the office?

* 10. Please list any dates you already know you could be available. What is your first available date?

* 11. Please list any dates you know you will not be available for volunteer assignment.

* 12. Are you available to travel to the following areas (select all that apply):

* 13. What personal electronic equipment do you have available to bring and use? Do you have auxillary power for your personal tablet, smartphone, etc.?

* 14. What other pertinent information should our TxA coordinator know about your limitations or requirements impacting your volunteer availability?