1. TwT End of Training Feedback Survey

Dear Educator:
Please help us to improve Intel® Education’s professional development programs for teachers. Your responses are crucial to making this course, and future programs, better for you and your colleagues.
This survey is designed to collect information about your experience, and how prepared you feel to integrate what you learned during the course into your classroom.
Participation in this survey is voluntary and all questions are optional.

* 1. Please indicate the level of this course:

* 2. Choose the statement that best represents your Thinking with Technology experience:

* 3. Consider the online thinking tools you learned about during the course (Visual Ranking, Seeing Reason, and Showing Evidence). Of the statements presented below,which one describes the greatest benefit of using the online thinking tools with students?

* 4. If you selected "Other," please specify what you see is the greatest benefit for using the online thinking tools with students.

* 5. The following statements describe various ideas or opinions you may have about the online tools or the course you just completed. Please indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with each statement.

  Strongly Agree Agree No opinion Disagree Strongly Disagree Not applicable
a) I feel well prepared to use the online thinking tools
(Visual Ranking, Seeing Reason and Showing Evidence) with my students.
b) I feel well prepared to use the online thinking tools
to develop my students' 21st century skills.
c) I plan to use the unit plan I developed with my students.
d) The training introduced
me to strategies that will help me integrate project based learning into my classroom.
e) The online thinking tools will help me develop my students' critical thinking about complex issues.
f) I feel well prepared to assess my students' learning as they engage with the online thinking tools.
g) The Seeing Reason Tool will help my students better understand causal relationships.
h) The Visual Ranking Tool will help my students evaluate and prioritize information.
i) The Showing Evidence Tool will help my students analyze evidence and construct arguments.
j) The online thinking tools will help my students consider issues from multiple perspectives.

* 6. Which of the following 21st century learning skills would your students specifically demonstrate if they participated in the unit you developed?
Please select all that apply.

* 7. To what extent do the following statements describe the course you just completed?
For each item below, select the choice that best represents your experience.

  Great extent Moderate extent Small extent Not At All No opinion Not applicable
a) It provided useful, new strategies for creating projects that develop students' 21st century skills
b) It introduced new resources and strategies for developing students' higher order thinking skills
c) It guided me in the use of Curriculum Framing Questions as a method of project planning
d) It provided opportunities to collaborate and share ideas with other teachers
e) It prepared me to support my students' higher order thinking through the use of visual representations
f) It provided me with new resources and ideas about how to assess my students' learning
g) It provided me with different models for categorizing thinking skills (e.g. exploring Bloom, Marzano, and Costa and Kallick, and creating a "Habits of Thinking Taxonomy")

* 8. During the course, you developed a unit plan. Which of the online thinking tool(s) did your unit plan include?
Please select all that apply.

* 9. Did the level of detail meet your needs?

* 10. Choose the statement that best represents your plans to use the online thinking tool(s) with students in your classroom.

* 11. Please select the statement that best describes your feelings of readiness to lead a Thinking with Technology Course for Participant Teachers following after this course:

* 12. How well prepared do you feel to present each of the following tools in the Thinking with Technology Course to teachers in your school or district?

  Very Prepared Adequately Prepared Somewhat Prepared Not Prepared Not Applicable
a) Visual Ranking Tool
b) Seeing Reason Tool
c) Showing Evidence Tool

* 13. Rate your level of agreement with the following statements about the trainer(s):

  Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree
• The trainer was organized
• The trainer was clear.
• The trainer paced the course well.
• The trainer was knowledgeable about the course content.
• The trainer promoted a positive learning environment.
• The trainer was effective at gauging participants’ needs.
• The trainer engaged in quality interactions with participants.
• The trainer answered my questions in a satisfactory
• The trainer effectively modeled the use of technology integration tools.
• The trainer provided high quality feedback on my unit
plan, including on my curriculum framing questions
• The trainer helped me develop an effective unit plan based on standards.
• The trainer helped me improve the way I teach higher level thinking skills.
• The trainer helped me integrate online technology tools into my unit plan.

* 14. Please use the space below to share any comments you may have about this course, project ideas, or your plans for using one or more of the online thinking tools (e.g. Seeing Reason, Visual Ranking or Showing Evidence) in your classroom.

* 15. Would you recommend this course to a friend or colleague?

* 16. The contact information given here is useful for both the trainer and the participants to interact after this training.