The Academic Support Center requests that you evaluate the tutoring assistance you received. Your feedback is important for us to continue building a quality program.

* 1. On which WVNCC campus did you receive tutoring?

* 2. In which subject area did you receive tutoring?

* 3. The tutor was prepared.

* 4. The tutor was friendly and courteous.

* 5. The tutor knows and understands the subject matter.

* 6. The tutor asked me to explain, summarize, and/or give examples, in order to check my understanding.

* 7. The tutor used an alternative explanation when needed.

* 8. The tutor had a positive attitude and clearly put forth effort to assist me with the learning process.

* 9. The tutor used/shared the following learning strategies (check all that apply):

* 10. As a result of my work in the Academic Support Center, I was able to (please check all that apply).

* 11. What can we do to improve the tutoring program?

Thank you for your feedback!