Survey Information

Dear Participant,

We would like to invite you to take part in this online survey, which will take approximately 13 minutes of your time. Before deciding, it is important you are aware why this research is being undertaken and what it involves.

What’s the study about?
Tusla wants to understand your experiences of parenting support services. This study wants to identify the strengths and challenges of the services you have experience of with the goal of informing a review of Tusla's current Parenting Support Strategy and 50 key messages, which  will support the development and publication a new five-year strategy.  We are asking you in your professional capacity to participate in this study.

What will you do?
You are asked to take part in an in an online survey  to provide information on parenting support services focusing on the strengths and challenges of parenting support services, as well as your role in supporting parents.

Do you have to take part?
You can decide to take part or not. You can say ‘No’ at any time and opt out during the process if you wish. Your role will not be affected if you decide not to participate.

How shall the information be collected and stored?
Data will be collected via an online survey. You will not be identifiable and we will not share any information about you. Data will be retained for seven years after the end of the study in accordance with NUI Galway’s Data Protection Policy.
All data will be kept on the researcher’s password protected computer, in a locked office.

 Who are the researchers?
The project researchers are Dr Carmel Devaney and Dr Rosemary Crosse. The team have a lot of experience researching this area of service support and work at the UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre, NUI Galway.
If you have any questions or comments, you can contact the researchers Carmel Devaney at 091495733 or email at or Rosemary Crosse 091 495791 or e-mail at

This research has been approved by the Tusla Research Ethics Committee and  the NUIG Ethics Committee.

If you have any concerns or complaints regarding this research study please contact NUI Galway Research Ethics Committee or Tusla ‘Tell Us and Complaint’, call 01 7718500 or text 086 01427

Thank you,
Dr. Carmel Devaney
UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre

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