Turkey Takeaway Order Form 節日火雞套餐訂購表格

• All items are fully cooked and maintained at serving temperature upon pick-up from Main St. Deli. Please specify pick-up time when placing order
to ensure the quality and temperature of your perfectly prepared festive meal.
• Order must be received at least 48 hours before the specified pick-up date.
• A handling charge of 50% of the total bill applies if a cancellation is made within 48 hours of the specified pick-up date.
• Turkey takeaway is available until 31 December 2012.

• 所有在 Main St. Deli 領取的火雞外賣套餐均已熟透並保持在適合即時食用的溫度。為確保食物維持在最佳質素及溫度,請在表格上註明領取時間,以保證 閣下能享用最佳的節日美食。
• 所有訂單必須於領取日期前最少四十八小時內傳真到酒店。
• 如在領取火雞日期前四十八小時內取消訂單,香港朗廷酒店將收取訂單總數百分之五十作為手續費。
• 火雞外賣供應期至二零一二年十二月三十一日止。

* Remarks 備註 : The delivery service is not available for location in Outlying Islands 送貨服務不適用於離島地區