We are looking for input from all who live, work, and play in the Turkey River watershed.

The Upper Merrimack Watershed Association is seeking your input for the develop of a comprehensive restoration and management plan for the Turkey River watershed. Your essential local knowledge and perspective will help shape the goals and recommendations included in this plan so that it reflects the needs, desires, and values of the four watershed communities of Bow, Concord, Dunbarton, and Hopkinton. Even if you just visit the watershed, your knowledge and perspectives are requested.

The Turkey River watershed comprises 37 square miles in the communities of Bow, Concord, Dunbarton, and Hopkinton and is home to a vast array of terrestrial and aquatic plant and animal species. The watershed contains 15 active dams and over 100 stream crossings that can potentially fragment and disrupt fish passage, and are a possible detriment to water quality.

Watershed Map
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Please consider spending just a few minutes providing your local knowledge and perspective for this important project. Thank you. 
  • This survey is for everyone in the four riverfront towns of Bow, Concord, Dunbarton, and Hopkinton. 
  • Your answers are confidential - we ask you to not write your name or title in any of your responses. 
  • The results of this survey will be presented in aggregate form only.

The Turkey River Watershed Restoration and Management Plan is being developed by the Upper Merrimack Watershed Association (UMWA) with assistance from its contractors, Central New Hampshire Regional Planning Commission and CEI Engineers, Inc., and with partial funding from the NH Department of Environmental Services through a US EPA Section 319 Watershed Assistance Grant along with generous support from UMWA donors.