Thank you for your interest in Turell Group’s ongoing community research. Your opinion and perspective are important, and we are looking forward to learning from you.

Most of Turell Group’s research focuses on our community, based in Eugene/Springfield and including Lane County, the Oregon Coast, and occasionally Southern and Central Oregon.

Every few months, we send out a short survey that will take a few minutes to complete. Occasionally, we will have longer surveys, but all should take no longer than 10 minutes to finish.

We also host occasional focus groups that are in-person or held online via Zoom. We will contact you about focus group opportunities as they arise.

Turell Group is focused on making our community a better place, and we suspect you feel the same way. For every survey collected, we donate to a local nonprofit that is announced on that survey. Please let us know if there’s a nonprofit you would like us to consider as a donation recipient from one of our surveys. Thank you for your participation!

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* We will not share your information with anyone, including our clients for whom you may be involved in a research study.