TurboCAD Customer Survey 2013

Hello TurboCAD User:

Your feedback is important. Please take the survey and help steer the future direction of TurboCAD. We thank you in advance for your time!

* 2. What is your gender?

* 4. Please indicate the number of years you have been using TurboCAD?

* 6. How often do you use TurboCAD?

* 7. Do you use for TurboCAD for professional or personal projects?

* 9. Is TurboCAD a key part of your projects/process?

* 10. I use TurboCAD for: (please check all that apply)

* 11. Please rate TurboCAD in the following areas:

  High Average Poor
Feature set

* 12. Please rate the following tool groups as to their importance in your use of TurboCAD

  High Importance Medium Importance Low Importance Never Use
Line Tools (Lines, Arcs, Circles)
Splines Tools
2D Modifiers
2D Copy Tools
Architectural (2D Only)
Dimensioning tools
Hatching Tools
Xrefs (External References)
Block Attributes
Entity Marks
DB Connect Tools
Layout Wizard
Print Queue
Drafting Palette
Save/Print to PDF
3D PDF Export
3D Surfaces
3D Solids
3D Smooth Surface (SMESH)
3D Modifiers
3D Assembly
Pattern Tools(2D/3D Associative Arrays)
Part Tree (History Editing)
Quick Pull
3D Architectural
PDF Underlay
Parametric Parts
Macro Recorder
Layer Management
Layer Filters
Layer Templates
Layer Sets
Design Director
Camera Tools
Lighting (OpenGL)
Lightworks Luminance Objects
Lightworks Photo Rendering
Redsdk Wireframe
Redsdk HiddenLine
Redsdk Photo Rendering
UV Mapping
Interoperability (File Import/Export)
Ruby Scripting
SDK - Software Developers Kit
LTE/Command Line Workspace
Customized LTE/Command Line Workspace
Default Modern Workspace
Customized Modern Workspace
Classic TurboCAD User Interface
Customized Modern Interface
Customer Feedback Program (CFP)
Crash Server Reporting
Animation Lab
Hatch Pattern Creator
Drawing Compare
Beam Tool

* 13. Please rate your interest in the following features and technologies:

  Interested Maybe Not Interested
BIM Import Tools
Export BIM Objects to .IFC (Industry Foundation Classes)
Geolocation Improvements
Google Maps Import
Export to .KMZ Google Earth Format
Improved Roof Tools
Slab/Foundation Tools
3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing
Digital Prototyping
Direct manipulation of Selected Objects (super local-menu)
3D Surface Improvements
3D (SMESH) Smooth Surface Improvements
Enhanced Dimensions
Parametric Parts Improvements (PPM)
Variables\Formulas Improvements
Dual Screen Monitor Support Improvements
Multi-user Simultaneous File Access
Drawing Password
Database Connectivity Improvements
Bill of Materials Improvements
Reports Improvements
Network Deployments – Batch Install to Multiple Computers
Network licensing – Central License Server
Terminal Server Deployment
3D Point Cloud Processing
Cloud Storage
Social Network/Collaboration
Touch Screen Technology
Digitizer Support
Tablet Support
3D Input Devices
Arduino and Electrical Layout Support
CAD based Mobile Applications for On-site Fieldwork and Markup

* 14. Are your designs manufactured? If so which of the following applies?

* 15. Would you recommend TurboCAD to others?

* 16. TurboCAD 20 now has enhanced options for network licensing and server deployment. Does this interest you?

* 17. IMSI/Design offers personalized online, training for $75/hour. Training is done via a combination of WebEx and telephone or Skype. Does this interest you?

* 18. Other comments you would like us to know?

* 19. Can we contact you for more information? If so, please provide contact info (email and/or phone number):