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Taupō District Council is undertaking a $6.5 million Turangi Street Revitalisation Project, funded by the government under the Crown Infrastructure Programme.

The project aims to improve streetscapes in Turangi township by repairing footpaths, kerbing and channeling that has been damaged by tree roots. This damage causes water pooling, is dangerous for pedestrians and those using mobility scooters, and we are also concerned that the tree roots will impact infrastructure like water and wastewater pipes.

In order to reinstate the kerbing and channeling we will unfortunately have to remove some trees, but we will be undertaking a replanting programme with tree species that are better suited to these locations.

We will be replanting with a combination of native species and exotic deciduous trees so as to have a mix of colours and to attract bird life, and with varieties that will grow to a good height and shape without impacting infrastructure or causing issues like the existing trees.

We are seeking the Turangi community’s input on what trees you’d like to see in your streets.

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* 1. From the list of options below, please select your three most preferred types of tree.

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* 2. Tell us why these three are your favourites.

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* 3. If you have any other feedback, please leave it here.