Counseling Topics

Objectives: Staff members will learn how to identify students who may be in crisis and how to properly respond in the following cases: suicide, depression, disordered eating, acting out/violent behavior, self-injury, substance abuse, sexual assault.

FALDO's: Intellectual Growth, Clarifying Values, Meaningful Interpersonal Relationships, Effective Communication, Social Responsibility, Appreciating Diversity, Healthy Behavior.

* 2. Organization:

Consistently clear, concise, well organized. Points were easy to follow because of the organization.Transitions between sections smooth and coordinated.

* 3. Topic Knowledge:

Displayed an excellent grasp of the material. Demonstrated excellent mastery of content, application and implications. Excellent research depth.

* 4. Creativity:

Very creative and original. Imaginative design and use of materials. Novel handouts, visual aids, or methods.

* 5. Visual Aids:

Simple, clear, easy to interpret, easy to read. Well coordinated with content, well designed, used very effectively. Excellent example of how to prepare and use good visual aids.

* 6. Summary:

Clear, concise, major points emphasized, clear recommendations, strong conclusion or call for action.

* 7. Stage Presence:

Excellent stage presence. Confident, used notes well, at ease, excellent gestures, good audience attention, good eye contact.