Expectations :

The Travel Professional of the Year is an organization of BATM, powered by its Supplier Committee. 

The purpose of this organization is to reward an individual for its performance on a certain topic. 

The theme of 2023 is ‘Sustainability’. 

The expectation is not a scientific document, but a document that shows your involvement within your company to put travel within the bigger project. 
It will be the purpose for BATM to build a kind of knowledge on where we stand in travel within our country and how to use that for further events and/or information to deliver.

If you choose to participate, please register below and you will receive a document afterwards to complete. 
We will also ask for some reports/evidence of your participation within your company. 

Of course this is a collaborative work within your company, so you can ask some members of your company to support you on this. 
We will ask you to identify those individuals.

All information delivered will be treated confidentially and will not be distributed externally, unless you explicitly allow BATM and its board to use it.

Thank you and good luck !

Question Title

* 1. Yes, I am registering for the Travel Professional Of the Year 2023