Transport Workers have spoken. WA truck bays, amenities and WA highways need an upgrade!

During the Xmas break, the WA Branch of the TWU released a survey online asking transport operators for your thoughts on amenities for truck drivers on regional Highways.

The result has been an overwhelming demand for something to be done about the appalling conditions truck drivers have to endure on the highways of Australia.

Not only are truck drivers demanding, but all our members are supporting that today, in the 21st Century, there needs to be toilets and showers for truckies.

It is time that Government sat down with the TWU and listened to the transport industry about where these amenities should be located.

Now is the time for things to change.

It is time to stand up do something about it, use your power because Australia stops without trucks.

It’s time to Stop talking and Join our campaign to fix the conditions that truckies put up with.

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* 2. How often do you deal with truck stops and their amenities on WA highways?

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* 3. What action are you willing to take for better truck bays and amenities on the highways of WA? (Please select all that apply)

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* 4. Do you think there should be truck only parking bays in WA?

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* 5. Please list what parking bays would be your priority to get fixed

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* 6. Additional comments - tell us your experience with WA roads and truck bays