Troop Assessment Survey / Unit Service Plan

This is Troop Assessment Survey (sometimes called a Unit Service Plan) for use by both Troop Leaders and Unit Commissioners as an alternative way to enter data that could otherwise go into (because not everyone has access to that). Commissioners are volunteers who provide "Unit Service", which means their goal is to help units better serve more youth through Scouting, with four objectives: 1) Support unit growth and quality, 2) Contact units and capture their strengths and needs, 3) Link unit needs to district operating committee resources, and 4) Support timely charter renewal. This is part of serving units in the Southern Crescent District.

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* 1. First . . . so we know who is completing this ...

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* 2. My relationship to this Unit is (select all that apply):

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* 3. A Unit Assessment can include review of the following elements: Program (Activities), Membership (Recruitment), Leadership (Governance), and Finance. We'll start with Program plan and Activities.

Does the troop have an active program plan, does it have youth led planning and does it communicate the plan to Scouts and troop families?

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* 4. About how many Scouts attended summer camps in the last year?

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* 5. How many Troop short-term or weekend overnight campouts were held in the last year?

FYI … at, we have a Camping Resources links page and lots of outdoor ideas.

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* 6. Can we help with any resources for troop and patrol meetings?

Are Scouts making progress to earning rank badges?

Can we help you with the BSA objective of “Increase the percentage of Boy Scouts earning rank advancements”, maybe with advancement activity resources?

Do troop meetings and activities include physical fitness components?

Answer any or all below ... FYI … at, we have a Links page full of advancement and fitness adventures.

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* 7. Does the troop participate in service projects, including any benefiting your chartered organization?

Can we help you with ideas for projects?

FYI … at, we have a Helping Units / Units Helping page with service project resources and more.

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* 8. Does the troop have a membership growth plan for recruiting new youth?

Has the troop increased in youth members and/or is the troop large enough for you now?

Can we help you with the Journey to Excellence objective of “Have an increase in membership or be larger than the average size troop at recharter time”?

Answer any or all below ... FYI … at, we have a Recruiting Tools page with tools and information.

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* 9. Does it look like the troop is keeping eligible Scouts year to year?

Can we help you with the BSA objective of “Improve youth retention rate”?

FYI … good activities can help retention … at, we we have a we have a Links page with resources and lots of outdoor ideas.

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* 10. Does the troop have a Webelos-to-Boy Scout transition plan and activities with a pack or packs?

Can we help the troop with any introductions to packs?

FYI … at, we have a list of Units, including Packs, on the About Scouting & How to Join page, and some Troops and Packs advertise their camping events on the What Our Scouts and Units are Doing page to attract interest.

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* 11. A Unit must complete charter re-registration, obtain all signatures, and submit paperwork and payment to the Volunteer Service Center or your commissioner prior to December 31. Can we help make this easier?

FYI … at, we have a Unit Charter Renewal page with tools and information.

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* 12. Leadership and Governance:

Do you have a trained and engaged troop adult leadership team, including scoutmaster, assistants and committee members and helpers?

Does the troop use the patrol method?

Can we help connect your leaders with training resources?

Feel free to answer any or all below ... FYI … at, we have a Leader Training Live and Online 24/7 page with tools and information, and a Links page with tools and information, including about the Patrol Method.

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* 13. Finance:

Does the troop have a budget that is regularly reviewed by the committee and circulated to families and follows the BSA policies relating to fundraising and fiscal management?

How can we help you with that? FYI … at, we have a Unit Finances page with tools and information and a ScoutReach Resources page.

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* 14. Unit Priorities:

What are the three biggest needs / priorities / issues / wishes that the Troop has today? How can we help?

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* 15. Thank you for your responses. Please let us know if you have any other questions or comments about how we can help your unit -- like whether you have specific topics, questions or issues you would like to see covered in this class? -- put them below, or email
with your comments.