Triangle Fraternity has identified an opportunity for two summer internships. Triangle offers multiple programs for its undergraduate members, many of which are partially funded through grants by the Triangle Education Foundation. Both positions will be a non-paid experience that will offer practical experience in various areas.

Applications are due May 1, 2017 and interns will be selected May 5, 2017.  Should you have any questions please contact Director of Education & Communication, Ariel Tarosky at

Summer Intern
  • Ideally, this position would be filled by a current Graduate Student pursuing a career in Student Affairs with a need to complete a summer practicum experience.
  • This position would start on June 5, 2017 and would conclude on August 4, 2017.
  • Position responsibilities would include:
    • Assisting the Director of Education & Communication in the planning and implementation of the 2017 Summer Convention
    • Assisting the Director of Education & Communication in the assessment of educational programs, and Fraternity accreditation program, The Pyramid
    • Working collaboratively with the National Headquarters staff and Triangle Education Foundation to develop, implement, and evaluate several of the leadership and educational programs and events
    • Assisting the Director of Education & Communication in enhancing our e-learning opportunities for both active and alumni members
    • Assisting the Director of Education & Communication in creating and launching new branding for the fraternity
    • Supporting the day-to-day operations of the National Office and Triangle Education Foundation
    • Other duties as assigned
  • It is preferred that the candidate be able to work on-site at the National Headquarters located in Plainfield, Indiana

Media Intern
  • Ideally, this position would be filled by an undergraduate member of Triangle Fraternity who excels in audio visual and media
  • This position would start on July 10th, would require attendance at the 2017 National Convention and would conclude on July 23rd
  • Responsibilities would include:
    • Working collabora

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