WMBA Treasurer Nominations

As the designated member representative for your company, you have the opportunity to nominate candidates for the open Treasurer position on the WMBA Executive Committee Team.
Treasurer qualifications include:
Qualifications to serve include minimum of 1 year service, by the time they take office, on the State or local chapter board and/or committees.  A member can only serve simultaneously on the Executive Team at one level, either State or Chapter with the exception of the Past President position.

 -a member in good standing of WMBA
  • -willing to attend six (6) board meeting per year
  • -willing at attend bi-weekly Executive Team meetings throughout term
  • -willing to represent members in matters considered by the board of directors

Treasurer: Responsible to the President and shall assist the designated Administrative Director with the financial operations. He/she shall also review financial statements and annual budget and submit them to the Board of Directors for their approval. In the event that the designated Administrative Director is unable to perform the duties, the Treasurer shall temporarily act in his or her absence.

Term of Office:
-Four (4) year commitment.
-Treasurer serves one year than assumes the office of President-Elect, then President, then Past President.

Enter the candidates information below. Self-nominations are encouraged. If you are self-nominating, include your Bio on the last question in this survey.
Nominees will be contacted for further information and confirmation of acceptance. All nominations will be reviewed by the nominating committee. Following review, the committee will present a slate to member representatives for voting along with bios.

All nominations are due by Monday, April 5, 2021. 

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