UMSU Individual Travel Grant Application

Welcome to the first step in applying for funds from the University of Manitoba Students' Union.

The mandate of the UMSU Travel Grant Program is to assist students with travel expenses associated with conferences and their relevant costs. Events should enhance academic development that is not tied to course credit.

This application is only to be used by students who are members of UMSU.

While this form can be submitted retroactively (i.e. after the event has occurred), we recommend it be completed prior to the project occurring.

This application will be reviewed by staff and decided by the Member Services Committee. Someone from UMSU will contact you following the Member Services Committee's decision.

The Member Services Committee typically meets every 3 weeks and therefor the expected response time for your application is 2-4 weeks. UMSU staff will contact you by email if there are additional questions about your application - delayed response may delay the funding decision

This service is to help supplement costs; however students are encouraged to seek funding from multiple sources.

NOTE: At the end of this application, you are required to attach a cover letter explaining the event, a note of endorsement from the Faculty Association or a Faculty Member, and supporting documents of the expense.