* 1. Which of the following describes your affiliation with Transylvania? Mark all that apply.

* 2. For any affiliations that you marked above, please enter the requested information below:

* 3. Your Name (Optional)

* 4. Points of Pride: Please list three to five points about Transylvania in which you take great pride.

* 5. Points of Progress: Please list three to five points that describe special efforts in the past few years that have advanced the quality, service, and/or reputation of your academic program, department, or Transylvania as a whole.

* 6. Improvement: In your area of responsibility, academic program, department, or sphere of influence, what single improvement is most needed to enhance quality and excellence?

* 7. Student Experience: What recent changes do you believe have improved the student experience, or what changes need to occur to enhance or strengthen the student experience, either academically or to support the student as a whole person?

* 8. Planning for the Future: What opportunities do you see for your area or for the university as a whole that are ripe for cultivation and implementation and will add to university distinctiveness and excellence? Please be specific.

* 9. Connections:  Please indicate one person in the community you think the president should meet during the first year in addition to members of the on-campus Transylvania community.

* 10. Partnerships: Please list any community organizations that offer untapped opportunities for partnership or collaboration that should be explored within the next two years.

* 11. Advice:  Please offer any advice or insights that would be helpful in the president's transition and success in leading and serving the university.

* 12. Local Flavor: Please suggest cultural events or restaurants the president and his family might enjoy in the area.

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