Introduction and Instructions

This survey will collect your input related to tasks that Intelligent Transportation Systems Traffic Technicians perform.  The tasks were identified by a panel of ITS traffic technicians from a variety of settings. 
You will be given a series of approximately 60 task statements clustered into eight groups (A through H).  For each of the tasks listed, please select the best answer to these questions:

How frequently do you perform this task?
How important do you think this task is to the overall job?


1.  Even if you do not perform a particular task, please rate how important you believe that task to be to the ITS Traffic Technician's job.

2.  For each group of tasks, add and rate any other tasks that describe other critical tasks that you believe should be included.

You may begin the survey at any time.  You do not have to complete the entire survey at one time.  You can access the survey again later by clicking on the link provided in the email and resuming your responses where you left off. 
Thank you for your assistance!
Transportation Tech

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