Grantees, Partners, Colleagues,

As a follow up to the October 12, 2018 Letter to Partners to provide an update on TCE’s Transition Plan, the TCE Board and staff are committed to a participatory process.  We hope you will take 15-30 minutes to complete this survey to share your input on our Vision Statement, three “bold” ideas for the decade to come, and commitment to racial equity. 
The Board-adopted Vision and Bold ideas emerged out of the last decade of lessons and experience with you in BHC.  We hope the themes and language are familiar to you in framing the next decade of our work.

The purpose of this survey is two-fold.  First, to assess community-, grantee-, and partner- receptivity to the Vision and Three Ideas.  Secondly, to get some sense of the prioritization of key strategies in support of the articulated vision and to get advice for what we consider as we pursue this work.
We will share a summary of what we learn.  This will be available by May of 2019.  We appreciate your partnership and will use the feedback we receive from you to inform this next phase of our strategy development over the next year.  This survey is due:  Dec 14, 2018. 

Thank you! 

Robert K. Ross
President & CEO of The California Endowment


Note: “Health Equity” is defined as achieving the highest level of health for all people, by improving the systems and conditions for health for all groups, especially for those who have experienced racial, socioeconomic disadvantage or historical injustice.  In this sense, health equity is advanced through the fight for social justice.”
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