Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback on your experience with transient activity in the Downtown District. We will share the results with the Longmont Police Department to begin developing Protocol or Best Practices for business and property owners in the District.

* 1. Please rank these transient related challenges to your business.

  Very challenging Challenging Neutral Not challenging N/A
Camping or sleeping on private property
Property damage
Safety (customer or staff experiences with aggressive people)
Possessions left on private property
Loitering outside your business
Loitering inside your business
Public urination or defecation
Excessive trash

* 2. When do you experience impacts by transient populations? (check all that apply)

* 3. Does a transient seeking refuge within your business either during a storm or particularly cold day have an effect either on you or your customers?

* 4. What role do you believe the police should take when a transient has created an issue within your business where criminal charges are not appropriate or an option?

* 5. What role do you believe the police should take in preventing transients from creating issues within your business?

* 6. What resources are you aware of that are available in the community for the transient population?

* 7. What role can individual business owners and managers take in addressing the transient population issues which may come up?