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Thank you for taking the time to support the re-establishment of
BLACKBOOKS, a division of Tranby Aboriginal Co-operative Ltd.

Originally established in 1982, BLACKBOOKS closed its doors in the 1990s and is planning a 2021 re-launch as the premier First Nations Australia owned and controlled on-line social enterprise that aggregates, distributes and sells culturally appropriate and authentic Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander literature, educational resources and cultural product.

BLACKBOOKS will work with peer agencies to provide training, skills development and create meaningful work for Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people in content creation, book selling and distribution.

Our social enterprise model will channel profits into Aboriginal controlled education and community initiatives while building a national resource to support and drive the truth telling that is so important now and for the future of Australia and all Australians.

For more information please contact BLACKBOOKS@tranby.edu.au.