Thank you so much for your interest in offering training to the Women for Afrika community. 
We have a few criteria required to be met in order for us to consider the training that you are offering. These are as follows:

You need to have completed the Woman Within weekend.
You need to be an active member of the Women for Afrika community.
You need to be a qualified trainer

We would request that the training is focused on the empowerment, support and self development of women.

Once you have completed the application form it will be sent to the Leadership circle to undergo a selection process which will take place on a monthly basis. You will then be notified.

Thank you so much
With love
The Leadership circle.

* Contact information

* What type of training would you like to offer?

* Please list your qualifications with regards to this training, and any professional bodies you belong to relating to your area of expertise.

* Do you own the copyright to this material?

* Could you give an outline of the of the content/ course overview of the training?

* What are the anticipated outcomes of the training and the impact on the attendees?

* Can this training be offered to the Women for Afrika community across the country? (JHB and other regions where there are Woman Within graduates). Please state where you would be willing to offer this training.

* How many women is this training designed for and is there a minimum number of participants required?

* If you have a required staff to participant ratio to run this training, please advise the ratio.

* How long is the training?

* Are there any specific requirements needed for the training?

* What type of venue and facilities would you require?

* How do you feel your training would benefit the women of the community?

* Which of the following training dates would interest you?

* Would you charge a fee to Women for Afrika for hosting this training, if so how much?

* If the answer to the above is yes, what does the fee include?

* What kind of service would you require from Women for Afrika?

* If this training been offered before, whether in its entirety, or parts, please could you list two participant references with contact details.

* Are you an active member of the Women for Afrika community? If yes, please elaborate

* Please note that all training materials must be supplied by you and included in your fee.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this Survey. It is very much appreciated.

Please print and date your form below.