About ReScape Qualified Professional Trainings

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ReScape California is a non-profit organization that educates and advocates for a regenerative approach to landscaping that works in harmony with the natural environment. 
ReScape’s landscaping practices are based on 8 regenerative principles which foster soil health, sequester carbon, conserve water and protect valuable resources while reducing waste and preventing pollution in our communities and watersheds.
Please review the information below to complete our survey to help us plan for future trainings, and to stay in touch with you. 

Our Maintenance and Design Qualification Trainings address today’s most crucial landscape topics – firescaping, soil health, storm management techniques, carbon sequestration, Model Water Efficient Ordinance compliance, and more.

They provide daily group activities, hands-on learning modules, and thoughtful interactive discussions about bringing our 8 Sustainable Landscaping Principles into the field.

Program graduates receive the same qualification as our Bay-Friendly and Sacramento River-Friendly Qualified Professional Trainings, and the same dynamic benefits for your professional development:
  • Three full days of lectures and hands-on activities
  • An additional 1/2 day community-benefit practicum field project added to the Maintenance Qualification Training
  • $495 per attendee
The Qualified Professional Training provides landscape professionals with:
  • An understanding of ReScape’s ecologically based, comprehensive approach to the management of public and private landscapes
  • Hands-on experience with practical, effective techniques such as sheet mulching to transform lawns into beautiful environmentally-responsible spaces
  • Knowledge of habitat restoration, local plant communities and the benefits of biodiversity
  • Techniques for water conservation, reducing runoff and maintaining stormwater systems in the landscape
  • Techniques for controlling pests and weeds with organic and integrated pest management strategies
  • An understanding of the global connections between soil health, waste management, water conservation, air and water quality, greenhouse gas reduction, urban forestry and carbon sequestration
  • A competitive advantage in the professional landscape marketplace
  • A completed prerequisite to participate in the ReScape California Rated Landscapes Program and earn your Rater Credential
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