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1. Date arrived at training clinic?


2. Date left training clinic?


3. I attended:

4. Training content was presented in a logical sequence.

5. The coach gave me opportunity to explain what I already know about a topic.

6. The coach explained things in a way that made sense to me.

7. Useful handouts were provided.

8. Length of training was appropriate.

9. Appropriate amount of material covered each day.

10. Training was relevant to my needs.

11. Opportunity was provided to practice new skills with clients.

12. Coach was well organized & prepared, and used time wisely.

13. As a results of the training, I understand why it is important to do some things a specific way.

14. Others from my local agency will benefit from the knowledge I gained.

15. What did you like most about the training?

16. What did you NOT like about the training?

17. How could the training be improved?

18. What type of training or preparation did your local agency provide before coming to training clinic?