First, please check our website for available training dates (check in eBiz or on our calendar in the training tab.) If you cannot find training to fit your needs, please use this form.

• We try to accommodate as many geographical areas and level training needs as possible. Visit the current training calendar to view training opportunities in your area through the link below:

• If you do not see a suitable course or location to meet you or your community needs, please take a moment to fill out this form with your specific needs/the reason for the request. While we cannot guarantee every request will result in a new class immediately being added to our calendar, we will make every effort to work your needs into our monthly GSHNJ training calendar.

• Additionally, we may be able to add a class at the community level and deliver training onsite. All requests for community training are welcome. Prior to adding a class at the community level we will take into consideration some of the following factors: 1. Are there classes already offered at a nearby GSHNJ Service Center? 2. Our council-wide training volume/time of year when the request is made to determine feasibility. 3. Mitigating circumstances which may have created the need for this request such as: lack of nearby transportation, geographic distance to a Service Center, a large group in need of training who were unable to get into an existing class, etc.

Based on your submission a member of the team will be in contact with you regarding your request. Thank you for your continued support of Girl Scouting!

- Girl Scouts Heart of New Jersey

* 1. Your Contact Info

* 2. E-Mail Address

* 3. Service Unit # if known

* 4. Would you prefer an in-person training or a webinar?

* 5. What time of day works best for you or your group? (rank 1 best and 4 worst)

* 6. Please rank the days of the week you or your group prefer to attend training with 1 as the best option.

* 7. Are you requesting a Training such as Basic Leadership Training 2, Daisy, or Brownie? Please fill in the box below as to what training you are looking for.