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About IMA:

The International Maintenance Association (IMA) is a worldwide organisation with members in 30 countries in five continents in America, Africa, Australia, Middle East, and Europe. The IMA focuses on the enhancement of physical assets maintenance management and aims to increase the potential for operations and maintenance to be represented on a global basis.

The IMA hold an international conference on the wide scope of topics associated with Operations and Maintenance within Asset Management. Delegates and speakers are involved from all over the world including Australia, France, Germany, China, Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States and more. IMA is recognized as a major contributor to the giving of information, and development of the latest strategic thinking and practices, for operations and maintenance.
The Global State of Maintenance Education and Training (ME&T)
Major Challenges and Future Trends
Survey Questionnaire
This Survey Questionnaire document is for completion by Maintenance Training Users / Purchasers.
(There is a separate but very similar Questionnaire for Maintenance Training Service Providers)
Where education is the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university. 

Training is the action of teaching a person a particular skill (where a set of skills leads to the assessment of competence in a particular role).

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Thank you for your contribution and inputs in advance - we will be in touch again with the findings which will be presented as anonymous individual assessments, shared in aggregated form.

The findings will also be presented at the"IMA World Maintenance Forum 2019"  organized by the International Maintenance Association (IMA) which will be held under the theme of: “First Global Meeting of Maintenance Societies / A Worldwide Overview of Current Practice of Maintenance Training & Education”

Save the Date: The Conference will be held in the Convention Center, Lugano, Switzerland  on 30-31 Oct 2019
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