The Town of Saukville is in the process of updating its Comprehensive Plan, a long-range planning document that addresses a variety of subjects including land use, transportation, community facilities, economic development, housing, and more. As part of this public process, this Citizen Opinion Survey was developed to gather up-front information and perspective from residents. Your opinions are important to the Town of Saukville on how it should grow, develop, and accommodate change over the next 20 years based on current and foreseeable trends with updates completed every 10 years.
It should take only about 10 minutes to complete this simple survey and all question responses are optional, so if you do not feel comfortable answering, please skip the question, and move on to the next one.
The survey will be available between October 24, 2022 and December 16, 2022, so please encourage your neighbors, local business owners, and other residents to take it as well. Survey results will be shared on the Town website later this winter and the Town thanks you in advance for your participation.