Town of Ponoka Waste and Recycling Program
Citizen Input Survey
The Town of Ponoka is in the process of reviewing its Waste and Recycling Program and is inviting input from citizens to gauge satisfaction with the current program.  Please take a few moments to answer the following questions.  Your answer will be considered as part of the current program review.

* 1.  Do you live in the Town of Ponoka?

* 2.  What is your age?

* 3.  How many people live in your household?

* 4.  Are you recycling more since the Town launched its curbside Waste and Recycling Program in 2016?

* 5.  Are you setting out less garbage for pick-up since the Program started?

* 6.  How full do you fill your grey bin with garbage every second week?

(PLEASE NOTE: Ponoka households can request a second grey bin for an additional monthly fee.)

* 7.  Are you satisfied with the following aspects of the Town's current Waste and Recycling curbside collection program? Please indicate Yes or No.

a.  Garbage pick-up every second week.

* b.  Recycling pick-up every second week (alternating with garbage pick-up weeks).

* c.  Weekly collection of compostable yard waste (in Green Carts) during the months of May through October.

* d.  Front curbside collection of waste and recycling.

(PLEASE NOTE: The Town's Waste Management Program switched from back alley garbage collection in 2016 to front curb pick-up due to health and safety hazards posed by the risk of overhead line and utility pole strikes in narrow alley ways by automated garbage collection trucks.  These health and safety hazards resulted in increased costs for back alley pick-up and the decision to move to front curbside collection.)

* e.  The size and design of the grey bins provided to Ponoka households for curbside collection of household waste.

* f.  The size and design of the green carts provided to Ponoka households for curbside collection of compostable yard waste.

* 8.  Based on your experience with the program, how frequently do you think household waste in the grey bins should be collected?  (Place a checkmark beside the answer that applies most.)

* 9.  Based on your experience with the program, how frequently do you think compostable yard waste in the green carts should be collected?

* 10.  Would you be willing to pay an extra $3 or $4 per month to have your household waste (grey bin) collected weekly?

* 11.  Would you be willing to pay an extra $2 or $3 per month to have kitchen food waste (meat, eggs, vegetables and fruit waste, etc.) collected in a green cart weekly during the summer and bi-weekly during the winter?
(PLEASE NOTE: Grey bins would still be collected every second week year round but many of 'smelly' items would now go in the green carts instead.)

* 12.  Do you currently compost fruit and vegetable waste at your home?

* 13.  Would you be willing to buy a composter and begin backyard composting?

PLEASE NOTE: On average, food waste generally comprises about 30 percent of household waste in Alberta. Food waste dumped in landfills produces methane, a harmful greenhouse gas, while backyard composting of non-meat food waste produces soil nutrients that can be used to help plants grow. Composting would help divert more waste from our landfill, helping us get closer to reaching provincial waste diversion targets.

* 14.  The Town is exploring the costs and logistics of collecting additional items through its curbside collection program.  Would you like us to consider curbside pick-up of large items such as furniture and appliances?

* 15.  Would you like us to continue pick-up of Christmas trees?

* 16.  What other comments or changes would you like to suggest to the Town's Waste and Recycling Program?

* 17.  What additional information would you like to receive about the Town's Waste and Recycling Program?
(PLEASE NOTE: A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document about the program is posted on the Town website at, along with waste and recycling collection calendars which are also available at the Town Office. Program information and updates are published on the Hometown Weekly News page of the local newspaper. Waste and Recycling Program pick-up schedule reminders are also posted each week on the Town’s Facebook and Twitter pages (@Town of Ponoka).

* 18.  If you would like to be contacted by Town Administration to discuss your questions, concerns, or comments about the Town's Waste Management Program, please provide your name and phone number: