Community Survey

The Town of Cottesloe is preparing its 2018-2023 Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP) to identify how it can improve access and inclusion within Cottesloe. As part of this review the Town would like to engage with the community and seek your feedback to help make Cottesloe a more inclusive place to live in, visit and enjoy.By answering these questions and providing feedback, you are helping to inform the Town of Cottesloe DAIP. 

The DAIP aims to identify improvements to accessibility and to make Cottesloe a more inclusive place to visit and enjoy.

This is an opportunity to think about the areas that need change and improvement and how access and inclusion can be better integrated.

For Braille Services: contact the Community Development Officer on (08) 9285 5080.
If you are deaf, or have a hearing or speech impairment: contact us through the National Relay Service. For more information, visit: or phone their Help Desk on 1800 555 660 (voice).
Translation: If you require the survey to be translated from English, contact the Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS) National to complete the survey over the phone on 131 450. Please advise TIS that the number to connect to is 08 9285 5080 at the Town of Cottesloe.

* 1. How satisfied are you with the current level of accessibility and inclusion in Cottesloe? (Tick one)

* 2. Do you experience difficulties accessing any of the services within the Town of Cottesloe?

* 3. Have you experienced any difficulty attending any events within the Town of Cottesloe?

* 4. Are there any buildings/facilities (including footpaths, car parks, beaches, community buildings, public transport, public toilet facilities etc.) that you cannot access within the Town of Cottesloe?

* 5. Do you have any difficulty accessing information from the Town of Cottesloe? (i.e. post, email, web content, signage, printed invitations, documents)

* 6. Is the customer service you receive from the Town of Cottesloe accessible and meets your needs?

* 7. Do you know how to make a complaint about an issue associated with accessibility or inclusion within the Town of Cottesloe?

* 8. Are you able to participate in Town of Cottesloe public consultation?

* 9. Do you consider there are there barriers for people with disabilities in applying for work with the Town of Cottesloe?

* 10. Now a little bit about you.

  Yes No
Do you live in Cottesloe?
Are you a visitor to Cottesloe?
Do you work in Cottesloe?
Are you a Contractor for the Town of Cottesloe?
Are you a Town of Cottesloe employee?
Are you a disability services provider/agency?
Are you involved in aged care provision?

* 11. Some demographic information...

* 12. Please indicate what age bracket you fit into?

* 13. Do you have a disbility?

If you would like us to keep in touch, please provide your contact details so we can send you updates and consult with you on the DAIP as it develops.

50% of survey complete.