2013-2014 Student Townhomes Application

Please complete the following application in its entirety to be considered for residency in the Student Townhomes for the 2013-2014 academic year. In order to be considered for the initial selection process, you must completely fill all four (4) spaces in the townhome.

Only submit one (1) application per Townhome Group. The applications will be hosted via an online survey and must be completed by 11:59AM on February 11th, 2013. If you need to make any updates, email townhomes@brockport.edu with the changes.

Spaces in the townhomes and priority numbers are determined based on cumulative credit hours earned towards a Brockport degree. Incoming transfer students are permitted to be included in application group, provided they meet eligibility requirements.

If you have any questions, please contact Donald Bigelow, Coordinator of Student Townhomes, dbigelow@brockport.edu, 585-395-2220.

All students on the application must:
• Have Junior or Senior Status (minimum of 54 credits at move-in)
• Be pre-registered for Fall 2013 by 5/21/13 or 7/31/13 for incoming Transfer Students
• Be eligible to live in the residence hall system
• Pay the $100.00 Advance Housing Deposit by 2/15/13

February 15, 4:00pm: Deadline to pay $100 housing deposit in Office of Student Accounts
February 18, 11:59AM: Deadline to submit application via email to townhomes@brockport.edu
February 20: 5:00PM Priority numbers and selection times emailed to Townhome Captain
February 21 6-9pm: Selection takes place in Townhomes Community Center

Rankings are based on class year and total credit hours earned toward a Brockport baccalaureate program by each student, at the start of the Spring 2013 semester. Credits earned are added up and combined for the students in each application group.

Complete applications of 4 people will be considered before incomplete applications. Individuals, pairs, or groups of three should complete a Fall 2013 Waiting List Application and will be considered after the initial selection process has been completed.

To increase the likelihood of receiving a Townhome, it is highly recommended that individuals (1), pairs (2), or groups of three (3) find additional roommates to complete the application. Opportunities to meet potential roommates are available online by joining the "Brockport Townhomes" Facebook group. Also, the Townhomes Tango/Info Session will take place Monday, February 4th at 8pm and Tuesday, February 5th at 8pm in the Townhomes Community Center. Townhomes Tango is an opportunity to meet other individuals/partial groups to complete a packet.

A Fall 2013 Townhomes Waiting List Application will be posted after the completion of the 2013-2014 housing process. The waiting list is used to fill open spaces after the primary selection process.

* 1. My application will be for:

* 2. By clicking here, you agree that you are OK with us breaking up your 3, 2, or one person packet to fill spaces in the townhomes