1. Town Vision Survey - closes Wednesday 1 February 2017

The Town Vision initiative was implemented after numerous community consultations which took place in late 2013 and 2014 between Rio Tinto and community members. During these consultations the community expressed the need to have a ‘vision’ a ‘future’ for Nhulunbuy owned by the community. In 2015 Rio Tinto engaged external consultants to work with the community to create a Town Vision. The Town Vision currently has a project manager and is coordinated through the Nhulunbuy Corporation on behalf of the community.

This survey is to find out what/how much you know about the Town Vision for Nhulunbuy; what’s been achieved so far and the future of the Town Vision project. Survey closes Wednesday 1 February 2017.

* 1. What do you know about the Town Vision?
(For example, what it's about, who's involved - individuals and organisations, what events and activities were held in 2016, the primary focus)

* 2. What is the goal/purpose of the Town Vision? (Select one or more answers)

* 3. Do you think the Town Vision is important for the future of Nhulunbuy?

* 4. Do you know where to get information about the Town Vision? (Select one or more answers)

* 5. List any of the five Town Vision future directions you know

* 6. Can you name the Town Vision Governance members?
Town Vision Governance - Representatives from key organisations and community groups were asked to form a Town Vision Governance Group to provide overarching governance, direction and support to the Project Manager for the first phase of implementation. This group is also responsible for promoting and advocating the Town Vision and ensuring the interests of the broader community are represented.

* 7. Would you like to be involved in the Town Centre projects? (You can select one or more)
How you can be involved - Three Town Centre revitalisation projects have been approved and received funding for delivery in 2017. There are many ways you can be involved such as: art concepts; painting; art teacher assistant; helping out with transport; catering/preparing lunches (making sandwiches; heating food; cooking sausage sizzles) room set up and clean down; supervising; history research; from one or two hours or all day.

* 8. Would you like to know more about the Town Vision?

* 9. Contact details (Will be kept confidential and only used for follow purposes)

Thank you for completing this survey. The results will assist key stakeholders make informed decisions regarding the future of the Nhulunbuy Town Vision as a project and ongoing strategy.