The Town of Somerset is updating the Town’s comprehensive plan and invites residents and businesses to participate. Please complete the survey by October 16, 2022.  The survey includes 30 questions and is estimated to take approximately 10 minutes. Taking the survey will aid the Town in planning for the future. Thank you for your feedback!
How to use the online survey:  Select your answer in multiple-choice questions by clicking the circle or square that best describes your opinion. Click 'ok' to move to the next question. Type your answer in the text box of the narrative question.  Use the scroll bar at the right hand side of the screen to view questions and move up and down each page. Click the 'Next' button at the bottom of each page to proceed to the next page.

Please note that the Town of Somerset is the rural area surrounding the Village of Somerset shown in the map below.  One indicator of your residency is your utilities:  If you have a well and septic system, you are most likely in the Town of Somerset and if you receive a monthly utility/water bill, you are a resident of the Village of Somerset.  

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Map of the Town of Somerset