What this project is all about

Regenerating tōtara presents a unique opportunity for Northland.

The vision of this initiative is a regional industry based on the sustainable management of the regenerating farm-tōtara resource.

We want to change the way landowners view this resource as something that has environmental and commercial value, something that needs to be nurtured, tended and encouraged, rather than crushed and converted to pasture.

We want to see tōtara valued again,  and used to create a successful wood-products industry.

​A successful tōtara industry will see the sustainable management of existing regenerating forest and scrubland and encourage the planting of new areas, increasing the area of native forest on private land.

Question Title

* 1. What is your initial reaction to the idea of harvesting the regenerating totara  stands in Northland?

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* 2. To what extent would you support sustainable harvest of native timbers from:

  Totally supportive Generally supportive Somewhat supportive Neutral Somewhat unsupportive Generally unsupportive Not at all supportive
Old growth forests on public lands
Old growth forests on private lands
Regenerating native forests on public lands
Regenerating native forests on private lands
Planted native forests on public lands
Planted native forests on private lands

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* 3. Can you tell us why you are supportive or unsupportive?