Above and Beyond Employee Appreciation - Nomination Form

The Above and Beyond Award is a cash bonus award available to an individual Town employee or work team for demonstrating exceptional dedication in upholding the Town's values and exhibiting behavior and demonstrating they are going above and beyond.  

Any employee many nominate any other Town employee or work team.  All nominations will be submitted to Human Resources describing the behavior or actions that demonstrate the nominated employees have gone above and beyond.

Qualities that might identify an employee for nomination include such factors as:

Promoting the image of the department or Town through continual extension of service and courtesy to residents, employees and the public.

Exhibiting leadership and maintaining grace under pressure/deadlines/crisis situations.

Initiating/recommending innovative ideas which are implemented and result in better service or efficiency. 

All nominations will be copied to the employee's Department Head.

Every month, employees will be recognized and will receive a commemorative certificate and a cash award.  In addition, awardees will be officially honored by Town Council at a regularly scheduled council meeting.

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* 3. Identify what the nominee does to promote the image of excellence of the work unit and the Town to residents, employees and/or the public.  Why do you feel this individual should be nominated for the above and beyond program?