This survey is designed as part of an initiative to help the Town of Midland better understand how it is serving citizens / stakeholders.  The goal of the project is to hear different perspectives, uncovering how a select group interact with the Town of Midlands services as well as how the service-experiences can be improved.

For reference, the definition of “services” we are using involve those that are directly delivered by the Town of Midland and NOT those provided by the County of Simcoe (e.g. Garbage / Recycling collection).

Example Midland Services
·       Paying Property Taxes, Tickets, Fines, etc.
·       Obtaining Permits, Licenses, Tags
·       Booking / Using Outdoor and NSSRC Facilities
·       Having Snow Removal, Grass, Trails, General Road Maintenance / Construction, and General Cleanliness (Public Areas) Activities Performed
·       Gathering General Information / Inquiries
·       Attending Tourism, Culture and Local Events
There are numerous specific services offered that different citizens / stakeholders may or may not interact with.  This survey looks to gather your general insights based on overall themes – additional context to your unique service-experiences can be provided throughout the survey in optional “free-fill” questions.

All information and comments received will be compiled and considered by staff for use under the purposes of this site and the specific project for which it is collected. Information will be collected and used in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and other relevant legislation. All comments made on this site are available to the public, including the name and email address of the submitter (if provided), and may form part of the public record.